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BubbleYou® Bubble Tower
The world's biggest bubble toy®

The squeals are deafening! Not because the world's biggest bubble toy® is noisy, Chasing and popping bubbles is only half the fun with the 14 foot tall, solar powered Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture. The other half is watching the crowd swoop and run and dance after the soaring bubbles. Or collecting masses of bubbles on their heads! The solar powered (with battery back up) Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture is very quiet, but people respond with noisy abandon to the floating gobs of bubbles spewing from the top of the 14 foot tall pyramid. At night, lights give the bubbles an enchanting glow and twinkle, and an older crowd comes out to play. Middle schoolers, and yes even teens and young adults can be seen gathered by the Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture, enchanted by the swirl and magic of the bubbles. Soon 1000's of bubbles, with clusters the size of bushel baskets fill the air.

Eco-friendly FUNtertainment!, and unique, the Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture instantly creates a warm festive atmosphere that people respond to. Since the Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture draws so much concentrated attention at events, it serves as a wonderful and creative way to advertise your business or non profit organization.

Perfect for your next Promotion

The Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture makes you the hero at festivals, county fairs, music concerts, Earth Day and solstice celebrations, art shows, school, church, sport, team building, picnic, kite festival or other event. Bellco Credit Union (Denver), the University of Alaska College Savings Plan, and the First Community Bank (Beemer, NE) have all sponsored the Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture at festivals and community events. No waiting in lines, no ticket entry, no generator fumes or noise, but unlimited hours of fun! The Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture allows your Company, Community Group or Non Profit to be featured and visible from across the festival!

Use the Bubble You® Bubble Tower Sculpture as a center piece, gate way, or activity feature, and give the media and your guests something new and exciting to talk about! First presented by Bill, Stretch, the nine foot Clown, at the 2004 Colorado Bubble Festival in Manitou Springs, the original rainbow themed Bubble Tower has been joined by designs including a festive tie dye, pink sequins featured at the 2004 Susan B Komen Race for the Cure, a patriotic theme red, white and blue Bubble Tower and an original cow print.

The Cow Bubble Tower is made from a reclaimed, re-purposed, outdated billboard vinYl. The COFFEE Bubble Tower features dozens of colorful burlap coffee bean bags from around tha world, and other designs use discarded polyester tablecloths from the rental linen industry.

Using the discarded banquet tablecloths cut our purchase of new material by two thirds. I really like tha fade resistant bright colors AND we get to keep some polyesters from languishing in the landfill.