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What are some ways sponsors can benefit from the Bubble Tower?

With your banners on the 14 foot tall BubbleYou® Bubble Tower, our staff can help you distribute flyers, hand out swag, answer questions and direct folks to your festival booth! We can supplement your staff, helping you deliver your message even when your staff is not available.

The Bubble Tower brings the added flair and WOW experience to an event. As sponsors, The Bubble Tower brings the public to us like a magnet, we don't have to go searching for them.they are hypnotized. Keisha Makonese, Bellco Credit Union 2008 - 2013

Is the Bubble Tower supervised throughout the day?

Yes, the Bubble Tower performance is a full turnkey presentation including delivery,set up, programming, operation, supervision, take down, removal and insurance.

We are there to greet your guests, give directions, and operate the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower in a manner that best entertains your guests in accordance with the weather and your direction. This includes picking up trash, rotating the solar panels and keeping the equipment operating in good order.

Quick would you like me to list the Bubble Tower on advertising (poster, etc)?

Please use these registered trademarks: BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® And THANK YOU for asking.

A state fair asks: Is there anything in particular that needs to cover the ground under or around the tower? The location we are considering is grass. Since we run so many days, if the tower operates 8-10 hours per day, how we keep the ground from becoming a muddy or soft mess. Or does it become sticky and we would need to water ("wash") the grass at night?

If the grass is getting trampled, we can move the BT a short distance after it is set up. You are certainly welcome to water the grass at any time, but nightly shouldn't be necessary unless we do not have any wind to disperse the bubbles. There will never be enough bubbles to make the grass muddy, but if there is high humidity and no wind, the heavy accumulation isn't good for the grass, so watering is good practice. Since we are there to supervise the BT, we try to catch any issues beforehand, and can move the BT if needed.

At the Utah State Fair, we had a patch of bare ground (dirt) and since there was a spigot handy, we would water it twice a day to keep the dust down. Typically we carry 75 foot of hose with us.

Our attitude is that we want you to be happy and bring us back repeatedly, so we will do our best to make this a drama free event for you.

As you can see from our numerous videos, we have lots of experience with operating the Bubble Tower on grass.

Thank You for bringing this to my attention.

How many appearances do you typically do for a fair or festival event?

The BubbleYou® Bubble Tower blasts bubbles for as long as you wish. Most festivals ask us to turn on the bubbles at opening and run until closing.

Most fairs will start the bubbles at between 10 am and noon and stop 8 or 10 hours later.

Fairs in very warm climates may prefer to start late in the afternoon and run until 10 pm or later.

Since the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower is solar powered with a battery backup, we can blast bubbles day and night to meet your needs. We even add lights after dark.

What is it like to experience the Bubble Tower?

People react to the bubbles in a number of ways. In the morning, with a quiet breeze, it is common for folks of any age to collect the bubbles, and share them with others: kids in strollers or wheelchairs, siblings, and friends. Seniors will collect handfuls of bubbles and share them with their spouse, who then blow on them to pop the bubbles.

The press and photographers come out early and late to catch the light, the bubbles and the antics of the crowd enjoying the bubbles. Throughout the day, guests of all ages can be found using their cell phones to capture the moment.

With a stronger breeze, kids, tweens, teens and even adults will chase and pop the bubbles . . each in their own way. Some are competitive, others cooperative in their behavior. Some are decisive, others undecided as to which bubble is worth pursuing. You will see lots of smiles and laughter, but also a surprising number of thoughtful faces. A photographer's delight. Participants AND spectators are engaged by the bubbles. No one is just waiting in a line, everyone is entertained.

The bubble machine is programmed to interact with wind direction, speed, humidity, and other factors. What direction are the people coming from? Are the kids too excited?

The bubbles are programmed with a rhythm of pauses to allow folks to enjoy the bubbles, and then anticipate the next blast of bubbles. Think of a DJ working a crowd, or a symphony stirring emotion with a quiet movement, and then building to a crescendo. An ebb and flow of bubbles, with a pause to allow anticipation, perhaps some frustration even, and then release as the bubbles blast from the top of the machine.

An added benefit, the pauses allow the parents to collect their children when it is time to go.

What is the Stilt Party?

We bring three dozen sets of classic hand held wood stilts and additional sets of bucket stilts. Folks of all ages enjoy learning this old fashioned skill. We include various challenges including step over hurdles, hopscotch, circles, races and games to test their skill and determination. The stilts come in different sizes to offer a sense of achievement for nearly everyone.

The Stilt Party opens at the same time as the Bubble Tower when we set out instructional signs. We give instruction and demonstrations multiple times throughout the day and into early evening. If the music is right, I’ll even do some stilt dancing !

How far do we travel?

Generally 1,000 miles or so… Feel free to call or email to discuss.

Grass or pavement ?

Any level surface will do, even gravel.

Do you need to stake the BT?

No, we generally ballast, but can add stakes if client requests.

How much space is required?

The BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® is 14 feet square, but will need more space during set up, assembly and take down. Drive up access is required in most cases.

The mini Bubble Tower is about four feet square.

The videos are helpful in determining how much space is needed. A single parking space is 9-10 feet wide and 18 - 20 long.

For the Stilt Party, an area at least 10 feet wide is good. A combination of pavement and grass is nice.

Does the BT need power?

No power cord or generator needed. Fully solar powered with battery back up for day or night operation.

How long does it take to set up the full size BT?

90 minutes or so, with drive up access.

How long does it take to set up the mini BT ?

About 15 minutes.

Do you have insurance?


Can we be added to your policy?

Yes, on request.

What do you charge for metro Denver, Colorado events ?

Gobs of soap bubbles, the size of bushel baskets, blast from the top of our 14 foot tall, solar powered Bubble Tower to amaze and delight.

Three or four hours at $250 per hour for each tower, up to four available. Three hours for $750. All day for $225 an hour.


Mounted on wheels, up to seven feet tall, the compact and sidewalk mobile mini Bubble Tower will delight your guests:

$175 an hour for each, up to four available, with a $375 minimum for metro Denver. Three hours for $525. Minimum may vary depending on travel distance.

This is a full turnkey presentation including delivery, set up, operation, supervision, supplies, take down and removal and insurance.

No power cord or generator needed. Fully solar powered with battery backup for day or night operation. Level ground is required.

Ask about sponsor recognition and swag distribution opportunities.

Our event is outside the metro Denver area. What charges, notice, etc. are involved?

Call or email us with your location, dates and any questions.
You can also use our contact page.

Can we have a Bubble Storm with multiple mini Bubble Towers ?

Yes, Call to discuss. See video at

How many people do we send to operate the BT ?

One, sometimes two.

What kind of events have you done, can you do?

Birthday parties, block parties, county fairs, rodeos, state fairs, Independence Day celebrations, festivals of all kinds, memorial celebrations, retail shopping and company promotions, church and school events, graduations, parties, weddings.

Do you have an alternative or back up email address?