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How far do we travel?

Generally 1,000 miles or so… Feel free to call or email to discuss.

Grass or pavement ?

Any level surface will do, even gravel.

Do you need to stake the BT?

No, we generally ballast, but can add stakes if client requests.

How much space is required?

14 feet square, but will need more during set up, assembly and take down.

Does the BT need power?

No power cord or generator needed. Fully solar powered with battery back up for day or night operation.

How long does it take to set up the full size BT?

90 minutes or so, with drive up access.

How long does it take to set up the mini BT ?

About 15 minutes.

Do you have insurance?


Can we be added to your policy?

Yes, on request.

What do you charge for metro Denver, Colorado events ?

Rates are $675 for three hours for the full size BT; all day, $1200 maximum. Mini BT rates are about half that.

This is a full turnkey presentation including delivery, set up, operation, supervision, take down and removal and insurance.

Our event is outside the metro Denver area. What charges, notice, etc. are involved?

Call or email us with your location, dates and any questions.
You can also use our contact page.

Can we have a Bubble Storm with multiple mini Bubble Towers ?

Yes, Call to discuss. See video at

How many people do we send to operate the BT ?

One, sometimes two.

What kind of events have you done, can you do?

Birthday parties, block parties, county fairs, rodeos, state fairs, Independence Day celebrations, festivals of all kinds, memorial celebrations, mall and company promotions, church and school events, graduations, parties, weddings.

Do you have an alternative or back up email address?