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Americana Bubble Tower

Solar powered Americana Bubble Tower for the 4th of July

Springtime in the Rockies Bubble Tower, Copper Mountain Resort

Fiesta, Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day

COW BT at Indiana State Fair

New 70 watt solar panel

Mini Bubble Tower: perfect for birthday parties, block parties, library events, retail activation.

Our NEW Bubbble Tower - The Jester 2023

BubbleYou® Bubble Tower
The world's biggest bubble toy®and giant FUN hand washing station!

NOW, when hand washing is more important than ever, we can help promote your hand washing message and your event sponsors. The squeals are deafening! Not because the world's biggest bubble toy® is noisy, but because the kids and their parents are going nuts! Use the solar-powered Bubble Tower as a centerpiece, gateway, or activity feature, and give the media, your sponsors and your guests something new and exciting to talk about!

Eco-friendly FUNtertainment!

BubbleYou® Bubble Tower

The world's biggest bubble toy®

and Giant Fun hand washing station! Entertaining for ALL ages, spectators AND participants! No waiting in lines! Everyone has FUN ! Self contained ! No generator needed! Solar powered with battery back up for day or night operation. Self contained, no utilities required!

For over ten years, folks at festivals, fairs and special events from Anchorage to Las Vegas, Aberdeen to Austin have enjoyed the world's biggest bubble toy® and you can too! Perfect entertainment for any size party, promotion, street festival, fair, graduation or block party, sidewalk sale, charity event or celebration big or small. All ages entertainment for your event. Make them feel the joy, so they may remember.

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Bill Coleman’s Entertainment Shop – Testimonials

We entertain with bubbles at county and state fairs, festivals and special events. Based in Denver, CO - We travel up to 1000 miles to bring the solar powered BubbleYou Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy to fun festivals, fairs, and special events. We bring the fun to you. Thank you for your patronage.

Bobbie Bates, Indiana State Fair

Laura Lantzy, Dir.
Lifestyle Anthem Highlands Community
Broomfield, CO

Denise Crosby
Longmont Downtown Development
Longmont, CO

Keisha Makonese
Bellco Credit Union